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It was a crisp, but sunny and pleasant February day in the mountains of north Georgia. I dragged my unwilling daughter, Megan, along for a trip to Brasstown Bald, my 30th highpoint.

Brasstown Bald is a developed recreation area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. From the looks of the size of the parking lot this place must be a zoo in the summertime. During the warmer months they have a shuttle bus that will drive you to the top. Fortunately there was none of that foolishness going on this day.

We took the half-mile paved trail to the top. Unfortunately, on the summit the Forest Service has constructed an queer looking visitor center and observation tower. I personally would have preferred the visitor center to be located at the parking area leaving the summit as nature intended.

There was, however, a nice view from the lower deck of the ugly building. (The visitor center and tower were closed.) It was interesting on this day to see the way the trees on the north facing slopes of the distant ridges were frost covered while the rest were not.

I had hoped to go from here to the South Carolina highpoint but Megan would have none of that. We headed back to Atlanta and spent the afternoon in a shopping mall!