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Diane Baker and I crossed the entire northern part of the state from east to west to arrive at this highpoint. To verify my suspicion that this could qualify as the most monotonous state in the union, we returned by driving south and crossing the central part of the state. Sure enough, this state looks the same from border to border, (except for the narrow band along the Mississippi River). Cultivated fields, pigs, and silos, mile after boring mile. This state more than any other deserves to be called the breadbasket of America.

The Iowa highpoint is located on a farm, (where else?!), near the small community of Sibley. It is at the end of an unused feed trough at the base of a silo. The view from the highpoint looks about the same as anywhere else in the state. The owners are very gracious highpoint hosts and have provided a register and some information about the state in a box at the highpoint.