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Diane Baker and I dashed up and back down Charles Mound with a rain storm threatening to bust loose any second. The Holmes book directions were fairly easy to follow. When you arrive at the farm house you will find it abandoned. The present owners have built a new house up on Charles Mound, beyond the highpoint. There is a sign at the farm house directing highpointers to park there and walk to the top. At the top you'll find a mowed area with a sign, a register, a couple of lawn chairs, U.S.G.S. markers, and a nice view.

Perhaps the best thing about the Illinois highpoint is the nearby attractions of Galena and the General Grant home. I'd recommend you visit both while you're in the area. If you have the urge to do some hiking, Illinois' Mississippi Palisades State Park is probably about as good as it gets in this part of the country.