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This highpoint is near Richmond, Indiana, only about an hours drive from my mother's house. She and I drove over one fine November day. The directions in the Holmes book, (first edition), are quite clear and we found the place easily even though the book directions guide you there from the south and we approached from the north.

This area looks much like anywhere else in Central Indiana. Gently rolling farmland peppered with farm buildings and woodlots. You walk about 50 paces along a fence row off the county road and then turn right into the edge of a woodlot, crossing the fence by way of a stile. Standing on the highpoint you can look around and see any number of other slight rises on the landscape that look just as high.

There is a stone cairn on the highpoint, a wooden marker and a register nearby.

Keep in mind this is private property. Make sure your visit is short and low-impact.