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Mt. Arvon is one of the more difficult highpoints to find. It is located in a heavily wooded area that is criss-crossed by many logging roads. The peak is not prominent. Logging operations have changed the usage patterns on the roads over the years. What looks like an overgrown path one year could appear to be a main route the next.

I think it's been at least five years or more since there were any significant changes, plus directional signs have been installed. So you might do fine with the directions I'm about to give you, but if you want to be on the safe side stop at Indian Country Sports in L'anse, Michigan, (pronounced like lance except the "a" makes an "ahh" sound). They will provide you with a copy of a crude, hand-drawn, but accurate map. They are open 8am-5pm, Monday through Saturday.

First the directions to Indian Country Sports: When approaching L'anse from the south on US 41 you will come to an intersection where 41 curves to the left while straight ahead is a sign that spans over Broad Street welcoming you to downtown L'anse. Proceed under the sign and follow Broad until you come to the traffic light. Turn left on Main Street and go one block. Turn right and Indian Country Sports will be on your right.

Now for the directions to the highpoint: Proceed as above. When you get to the traffic light turn right on Main. Main will become Skanee Road. In all, go 16.3 miles from the traffic light. Turn right on Roland Lake Road.

Go 2.9 miles to a "T" intersection where the road comes close to Roland Lake. Turn right on Ravine River Road and stay on the main roadway past many intersections with lesser used roads. At one point you will pass through a gravel pit. Take the straightest route directly through. You'll know you're on the right road if you shortly come to a bridge over the Ravine River. In all, you will go 6.1 miles from the "T" at Roland Lake to a spot where you will find another "T". The most common mistake is to turn left here as that is the slightly more traveled route. You turn right.

Go 1.1 miles and turn right. Go .1 miles and park at a "Y". Hike up the right fork of the "Y". At .36 miles the road turns sharply left. At .54 miles take the left fork, downhill, at the "Y". At .65 miles angle right at the "Y"-- a pond will be on your left. At 1.09 miles turn left uphill. At 1.15 miles arrive at the highpoint.

There is no view and the highpoint is not all that much higher than the surroundings. A scout troop has placed a register at the highpoint and there is a USGS benchmark.

If you are a mountain biker, there are more trails here than you could ride in a lifetime. An enjoyable way to do this highpoint would be to park at the DNR access site near the intersection of Roland Lake Road and Ravine River Road and bike the rest of the way.

As I already mentioned, there are directional signs to the highpoint. The first sign is at the intersection of Skanee Road and Roland Lake Road. Some of the signs are placed where they are hard to spot, plus they have a habit of disappearing, according the the Indian Country folks. In fact, a couple were missing at critical turns when I was there. Use the signs for reassurance, not as you primary means of navigation.