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I visted Mount Davis with Diane Baker on a three-state highpoint trip which also included West Virginia and Maryland. The roads in this vicinity can be rather confusing. The Holmes book, which is usually quite helpful, didn't do much to clear up the confusion. Once you get in the general area, however, there are signs. Good luck finding your way back to the main highway if you want to leave in a different direction like we did.

Mount Davis is located in a state natural area. There is a paved road to the top. The surrounding area is wooded gently rolling hills. The scenery is pleasant but not noteworthy.

On the summit is an informational plaque, an observation tower, and a U.S.G.S. marker. The observation deck gets you above the treetops and provides a wide-ranging view in all directions. Someone there said you can see five states on a clear day. I would believe four, (PA, WV, MD and VA), but five, (OH), may be stretching things a bit.

While you're in the area you might want to take in some other local sights. I recommend Ohiopyle Falls and Frank Lloyd Wright's masterwork, the famous Fallingwater house.