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This is jokingly referred to by highpointers as the most terrifying of all 50 state highpoints. Not because it is difficult, but because the adjoining landowner may run you off with a gun. I was blissfully unaware of the potential danger as I casually strolled in and out the 125 yards from the nearby highway. Not until I received my first Highpointers Club newsletter did I realize the terrible fate I had avoided only by dumb luck.

Actually that was my second attempt to "summit" Jerimoth Hill. The first time I thought the highpoint was the Jerimoth Hill sign on the highway. After I bought the Holmes book I realized I had missed the exact point so I made a return trip to walk the 125 yards to the precise spot.

The highpoint is located on a landlocked piece of property owned by Brown University. The University doesn't appear to care one way or the other whether people visit the highpoint, deferring to the adjoining landowners wishes regarding access. Keeping in mind that there is no way to access this highpoint except over private property, please be respectful of the landowners to keep access open for future visitors.

Due to the landowner situation the prefered access route has changed a couple of times in the last few years. I'd recommend you check out the latest news on the Highpointers Club Rhode Island page if you're planning to visit this highpoint.

Looking to do some hiking while in the area? Try the Arcadia Management Area about 30 miles south. It is surprisingly remote and rugged in spots.