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My Favorite Links

This page is new as of September 18, 1997. I will eventually group the links by catagory. For now they are in random order.

Travelocity Home Page This is the best of the many web-based travel agencies. That's not surprising since they are a subsidiary of Sabre, the largest of the few major computer networks used by travel agents. I have used the service many times with great success. My only beef is they don't answer their email. (They do have an 800 number.)
SafeGuard Interactive These folks will back up your files via the internet. It's a really great concept. Be careful there are some rip-off artists out there offering similar sounding service. This is the only worthwhile service of its type best I can tell. Trouble is I can't use it. You must have Windows 95 or NT. (I'm still on 3.1.)
ZD Net This is what heaven is like to a computer geek.
GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages The best adventure travel site on the web, bar none.
Backpacker Magazine's BaseCamp Another worthwhile site for outdoor enthusiasts.
Campmor More outdoor recreation equipment than anybody.
LLBean's Online Catalog Great products, great quality, great customer service, and tall sizes too! Wouldn't it be nice if every company treated customers the way these folks do.
REI Home Page If you're looking for more specialized equipment than you find at Campmor, REI is the place to look. Customer service is on a par with L.L. Bean too.
HotBot One of my favorite search engines
AltaVista: Main Page One of my favorite search engines.
Welcome to Lycos One of my favorite search engines.
InfoBeat, Inc. I love this service. Every day they send me the closing prices on mutual funds and stocks in my personal profile along with any articles that come down the wire on those companies. At the bottom of the info is a file I can import into Quicken to automatically update securities prices. They have similar services available for sports info, weather, TV listings, and other topics.
Home Page How-To For bunches of links of interest to web site developers visit my Home Page How-To page.

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